‘True to life.’ ‘Honest.’ Informative.’ ‘Moving.’ ‘Touching.’ ‘Poignant.’

'Convincingly brought to life and so wonderfully useful as a piece of theatre.’ Dame Janet Suzman

'I was very impressed by the play and surprised how much it affected me. You have created something very special, both moving and funny. It will raise awareness and help more people understand dementia.’ Dementia UK

'It covers the range of emotions, expectations, denials, judgements and coping mechanisms.' Alzheimer’s Society

'A genuine portrayal of how dementia has a ripple effect through family and friends. Fabulous actors enabled me to feel the emotion for people living with and caring for people with dementia.’ Hospice worker

'Excellent. I connected with it on several levels. Personally [through family illness] and as a doctor working with people with dementia. The portrayal of the family dynamics - love lost - was very moving but the play kept in mind the good times too.’ Psychiatrist

'Heartfelt and emotional. I will suggest this play as a must see for my colleagues.' Nurse

'Introduces all of the elements and effects that dementia has on not only sufferers but more importantly on carers and family. Lots of people can learn from it.' Senior health executive

'Very emotional. Very, very well written. A long time since I left a theatre so moved.’ Chair of Dementia Forward, Harrogate